WhoGossips’ Top 6 Couples Whose Love We Love

1. First Lady Michelle and President Barack Obama Thanks @janeetmb for the picture and I, @ErickaLaShae left the comment posted above and that right there says it all.  Self-explanatory enough why their love is impeccable.  No other words need to be said about these two forever lovebirds. Photo Credit: fabmagazineonline.com 2. Dutchess and Ceaser The Black Ink Crew Boss and “Boss” Lady finally displayed their true feelings for each other on the ‘What Happens In Vegas…’ episode.  The North Carolina Southern Belle is the arrogant big-hearted visionaries’ backbone; she is his voice and like any good man he lets her speak because … Continue reading WhoGossips’ Top 6 Couples Whose Love We Love

Chris Brown delays ‘Fortune’, but “Passionate” Kisses With You Know Who…

While Chris has pushed his fifth studio album ‘Fortune’ back from May 8th to July 3rd he has been passionately kissing girlfriend Karrueche Tran at sunset.  His somewhat long time girlfriend kissed the haters goodbye with a twitpic of she and her honey lip locking in a very beautiful picture I must add.  The sunset at beachside really set it off.  This photo was also shared on instagram with a comment added below saying, “Head over heels.”  I can see why and I think it’s SWEET LOVE. However, aside from the loving he recently tweeted on April 22nd, “Team Breezy! The official album date for … Continue reading Chris Brown delays ‘Fortune’, but “Passionate” Kisses With You Know Who…

Chris Brown Claims Stores Are Blackballing “Graffiti”

Graffiti was released Dec. 8th (just 15 days after Rihanna’s “Rated R” release).  I personally was excited to see Chris Brown’s comeback and to hear the album, although I did have my opinion that it may have been too soon.  Chris may be feeling that very same way right about now!  According to Rolling Stone, Chris is projected to to land at Number Three on the Billboard Top 200 this week with sales of 95,000-110,000 albums, per Billboard.  His last album, Exclusive, moved 294,000 copies its debut week in 2007.  That is a major difference. Lets see what CB had to say. … Continue reading Chris Brown Claims Stores Are Blackballing “Graffiti”

I just want to go on record and say…

  If you know anything about this site or anything about me you know that I don’t post false statements and call them a fact.  If it’s a rumor I say it’s a rumor and where I got it from.  I say that to say this; the other night when Chris Brown appeared on Larry King Live I hadn’t seen the full show and I posted about it based on what I had heard.  I heard all kind of things, but once I personally saw the show on youtube I gained my own knowledge of the interview and now have my own opinion.  Chris … Continue reading I just want to go on record and say…

Chris Brown “Tell All” or maybe not tell all just “Tell Some”!

Chris Brown was on Larry King tonight Sep. 2nd on CNN at 9:00 PM.  In case you missed it check out clips and some of which everybody is saying about the interview at youtube.com or http://www.therundown.tv/videos/wtf-files/the-tale-of-two-chris-browns-larry-king-live-interview/.  They give you their perspective of this Chris Brown or this Chris Brown, should I say…. I’ve heard all kind of things about the interview and all kinds of opinions.  I have yet to see it myself, though I’ve seen clips.  From what it seems like despite the reason Chris appeared on the show, he was willing to answer very little.  From the clips everyone … Continue reading Chris Brown “Tell All” or maybe not tell all just “Tell Some”!

C. Breezy and Rihanna continued………..

Rumors are the biggest issues right now with this entire case. Everybody wants to know what happened and everything under the sun has been assumed. We all know you can’t assume what you don’t know. With that being said, a few of the many rumors are that Rihanna gave Chris Brown herpes; another is that Chris Brown left the party to be with another woman and Rihanna knew about it and started an argument. Most recently their saying that another female did have something to do with it, in regards to a phone calll from a female Rihanna doesn’t like … Continue reading C. Breezy and Rihanna continued………..

All Updates on Chris Brown and Rihanna: What was so good, gone bad!

I’m sure by now the world is as shocked and appalled as I am. R&B singer Chris Brown was held under investigation last night for alleged assault charges. E! Reported that Chris Brown nor Rihanna would be making appearances at the awards. They both were scheduled to perform at the event and had to be replaced at the last minute by Justin Timberlake, Boyz II Men, and Al Green did a great job at filling in. Looks like he was in a good mood just hours before. What made him snap? Sources said he was being investigated by the LAPD … Continue reading All Updates on Chris Brown and Rihanna: What was so good, gone bad!