The Wayans Family on Oprah’s Next Chapter + How They Made Her Laugh Until She Hurt

Last week the legendary (first and second generation) family swarmed their twitter and instagram with pictures of what appeared to be an interview with Oprah.  There were no other details besides these behind the scenes images of what looked to be a grand time amongst family and none other than one of the best of the best to ever do it, Oprah. Check out pictures from @CRAIGWAYANS and @DamienDW ‘s twitter and instagram and @MARLONLWAYANS ‘s WhoSay:



This is a link to Damien’s picture with Oprah (would not let me save):

Last, but least links to Marlon’s WhoSay pictures: Me and the beautifully wonderful @Oprah watch out for the Wayans 1st & 2nd gen on Oprah soon (Bout to do Oprah with the fam!)

Days later we have the details on when the episode will be airing, the first look, and dish from Oprah on how the family made her laugh until it hurt, impressions of Keenen, Shawn, and Marlon, and as well as mixing family and business below:

Oprah on the Wayans after the interview:

First look at the first family of comedy with Oprah discussing love, family, and the future of comedy:

Excited enough already for this episode, the entire show will air Sunday, March 3, 2013 at 9/8c.


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