Barbie Collectables From My Family to Yours Including Celebrities

Michael Jackson

Are you a fan or collector of Barbie dolls?  Better yet are you a fan of celebrity Barbie dolls?  Well when I was a youngster my mom and grandma were huge collectors.  They collected some of all kinds and invested several bucks into their collection.  My sister and I were always fortunate enough to have the best of the best in dolls.  Of course many of them stayed in the boxes, which was the sole purpose of collecting.  Some of them like, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and the Spice Girls, I wish we kept in boxes.  We still have them stored away now, but they don’t have their original clothing and as well as the value isn’t the same now that they have been tampered with and out of the boxes. Despite those that have been opened, my mom has a collection of over 300 collectable Barbie dolls that haven’t been opened ranging from at least mid 80’s to at least 2002.





It took a long time coming and now that it has been almost 10 years since my grandmother has passed, my mom is now ready to part ways with the collection.  It is hard for us all, but something that needs to be done.  Fortunately for you this holiday season if you know someone that collects Barbies or interested in a particular kind and its value, my mom will be putting her Barbies up for sale.  They would make perfect Christmas gifts this season.  She has some of the popular kind like, does Marilyn Monroe ring a bell; how about Elvis Presley? She has 3 Michael Jackson dolls, but only one has the outfit and they have been opened, but in good condition.  She also has an unopened Brandy Barbie.  Remember that one?  It looked just like her and I have an unopened Beyonce Barbie doll as well.  There is also the first NBA dream team all-star collector’s figures in the box with household names such as Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Chris Mullin, John Stockton, Scottie Pippen, David Robinson, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, and Magic Johnson. 



My dad has a GI Joe that is in great condition, the first ever that had hair.  She has the Dolls of the World collection, Happy Holiday dolls, Birthday Barbies, American Story collection, Career collection, Stars ‘n’ Stripes, Fashion Savvy collection, and the Great Era collection. There are so many more that haven’t been named above.  Please comment below, email me at, or just contact the collector herself at 804-319-6247 if you are interested or know someone that is interested.  These are some more of her collection below:


35th anni


barbie in white

benefit ball




dance til dawn

GI Joe

gone with the wind

gone with the wind 2

little bo peep



baby pink

swan lake

tale of peter rabbit


nba 3

Thank you so much and Happy Holidays to you and yours from WhoGossips! and my family.


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