VIDEO FAB: DJ Khaled featuring Chris Breezy, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and Lil’ Wayne + John Legend and Jordin Sparks tribute to Whitney Houston on the 2012 Billboard Music Awards + RiRi joins Jay and Ye in London on stage

I’ve been in love with this song from the day I heard it on the radio and there is an official video now.  “Take it to the Head” is definitely a hot song and the visual is flaming as well like a perfect marriage between song and video.  The video isn’t like all that either, but it just compliments the song for me and Drake also makes a cameo, as well as Baby and Busta.  There is a cage, collapsing trucks, lights, fires, and also what looks to be a subway with graffiti in scenes. Like RapRadar questioned, explosions and massive floods? The “motion picture” was directed by Colin Tilley.  Something about this track just gets me amped.  It may or may not do the same for you, but watch below and check it out:

Kiss the Ring coming soon.

Picture source: Bossip

This video I had to post because it touched me so deeply this morning when I watched on RapRadar.  As you may or may not know by now the Billboard Music Awards was last night and while there were many great appearances and performances I don’t think there was one that could touch this epic and beautiful moment.  John Legend did a version of “Greatest Love of All” that was timeless, but Jordin Sparks mimicked Whitney’s ” I Will Always Love You” to a “T” and left the crowd with cheers and tears.  I was left in awe not knowing the “No Air” and “Battlefield” vocalist had pipes like she displayed on that stage.  She gave me goosebumps and I know made Whitney proud.  Bobbi Kris and family looked on and watched in tears and afterwards came up to accept the Millenium Award in Whitney Houston’s honor.  Watch below (be mindful you may shed tears):

Whitney and Jordin also shared vocals on the R. Kelly produced track “Celebrate” for the upcoming movie in theaters August 17th, “Sparkle”.

Picture Source: fakeshoredrive

In the news and a video hits the news also that Rihanna graced the stage with Jay-Z and Kanye in London during a performance of “All of the Lights” and the showstopper “Run this Town”.  She joined them at the O2 Arena and was the first to join the duo on stage whatsoever during the tour. 

Rihanna tweeted May 20th:

made historih tonight as the first person to Watch The Throne AND join it!!! No one is allowed on that stage! Thank you guys

Check out the videos below:

Go Girl!

Picture Source:

Thanks to and for the videos


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