Vh1’s ‘Single Ladies’ Season 2 Super Trailer

‘Single Ladies’ is back with a 2nd season and it’s been almost a year since Vh1 premiered their first season and original scripted ‘Single Ladies’.  The cast has went under some changes after Stacey Dash unexpectedly left the series last season.  Actress Denise Vasi touchdowned to take her place, however, instead of taking on the role of Val, she’s playing Racquel, a long time friend of Keisha’s (played by Lisa Raye).  Racquel fits in like a puzzle piece this season; Racquel is fresh out of an engagement she broke off and is ready to get it poppin’ in Hotlanta with her first and never fogotten love.

Keisha has problems of her own that’s been stirred up this season.  She and Malcolm (D. B. Woodside) are having relationship problems and meanwhile an old beau is back in town and looking to mingle.  April (Charity Shea) seems to be enjoying her single life for a change, but while doing begins not to enjoy so much jumping man to man.  Many celebrities will be making appearances this season including Executive Producer Queen Latifah, T.I., Big Boi, the hot Romeo Miller, Paula Patton, Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas, and more.  Watch weekly to check out the juice, the drama, the laughter, the ups and downs of friendships, relationships, and the “Single Life”.  Take a ride on this series rollercoaster for another hot season with your favorite guest and celeb appearances by more than who’s mentioned above. 

Like Necole Bitchie said, ladies they also have a season worth of eye candy. 

While watching the trailer you will also find out what happened to Val and her disappearance.  Watch the super trailer below:


Source: www.necolebitchie.com

Picture source: www.thatgrapejuice.tv

For more information on the show: www.vh1.com


The new season premieres May 28th (Memorial Day) on Vh1 @ 9:00pm

I’ll be watching.  Will you?



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