Trouble on 106 & Park Avenue Again

Looks like the popular hosts of 106 & Park for the last 7 years, Terrence J and Rocsi Diaz, are on their way out the door!  I know it’s upsetting right?  The duo came on board in 2005 after both auditioning and being discovered by BET during a National ‘New Face’ Talent Search to find new talent.  The two replaced Julissa and Big Tigger that were temporary fill-ins for the originals, AJ Calloway and Free.  Of course after AJ and Free no one was ever quite convinced that anybody would ever come close, but Terrence J and Rocsi have made a name for themselves and made 106 their own.

It’s a new beginning for the two personalities.  Terrence will continue furthering his television and movie career, already seen playing roles in films and shows like, “Burlesque”, “Think Like A Man”, BET’s “The Game”, and “Stomp the Yard 2.”  Rocsi is the host of a national syndicated radio show, ‘Rosci On The Radio’ and also will be moving to Cali to pursue a career in acting with a project already in the works alongside Lynn Whitfield.

I do wish them the very best.  Although, the thoughts in our minds now, who will replace them?

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