Review: Vh1’s Lala’s Full Court Life

Actress, fashionista, media’s favorite “IT” girl, media personality, and former MTV VJ are just

some of what Lala Vasquez Anthony is known for.  She is also the wife of NY Knicks star basketball

player Carmelo Anthony, mother of their son Kiyan, and also a reality show star of now her most

recent comeback season 2 of Vh1’s Lala’s Full Court Life.  She is the friend to everyone, even the

friend in your head.  I know she is the friend in my head.  She has this ora about her that everyone

wants to be in company of.  She balances her work life and personal life extremely well filling her

own stilettos.  She has her own thing going on and no way no how will she just wait for Melo to bring

home the bacon.  She continues to spend her time as she’s always done making a name for herself and

wearing her own pants.  She’s witty, spontaneous with her ideas, which her cousin Dice and friend Po

also stars of the show, call scary ideas; she’s also caring and outspoken at the same time. 

Now residing in New York after the ‘Melo trade’, Lala and company have settled in and now made a home

out of the Big Apple.  With promotion of her new makeup line ‘Motives by Lala’, she is on the go as usual

and in the meantime she’s not insecure in her relationship, she’s many times stated; but most recently

she made mention with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne the God (also featured on

this season’s Lala’s Full Court Life) and Angela Yee, “I’m not insecure person.  I’m very secure in my

relationship.”  This mention came from the first episode of this season, ‘Miss Trust’, now that there is an

attractive assistant working closely with Melo and everyone is making Lala aware of it and saying

that there could always be a possibility that there could be some cheating going on.  Lala questions

the assistant anyway regardless if she has no real doubt that there is anything shady going on, and

learns that there is none of going down that everyone was speaking of.  She also finds new ways to

keep it spicy by getting a stripper friend to show her some new moves.  Watch the full episiode on and the second episode, titled ‘Birthday Presence’, it is her best friend Kelly Rowland’s

birthday and Lala has a busy schedule to abide by so she sends Dice and Po to get gifts.  She is left

with the dilemma to attend Kelly’s birthday party and the Essence event where Kelly is being

honored or attend a charity event in New York her publicist notified her of both the same weekend. 

Dice comes up with the idea to do both still making Kelly believe she wouldn’t be able to make it to LA for her party. 

Lala is able to do fit both in catching a red eye to LA with Dice and Po to make it and there is no party–

Lala is frantic, the party was cancelled due to the belief they wouldn’t make it, and they surprise

Kelly at the studio before having a girl’s night out with a toast to “dreams, creativity, passion, and

hardwork.” Love it!

Don’t miss an episode on Vh1 or .


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