Romeo Covers Brave Magazine’s April ’12 Issue in a Very Sexy Way

I know I’m not the only one buzzing on how Mr. Miller has grown up to be quite a hunk (as some might say).  Master P’s offspring has just recently covered Brave magazine for their April issue.  Romeo dishes on the kind of lady he likes, the industry today, and much more.  All I can say is Romeo” Miller is not the Lil’ Romeo he once was…

Romeo has been seen in movies like Jumping the Broom and most recent Tyler Perry’s upcoming film, “Madea’s Witness Protection”, owned and starred in his own Nickelodeon show, other small appearances, made rap records past and present, and was even on Dancing with the Stars.  He has his father to look up to and big footsteps to follow I must add, but doesn’t look like he is having any trouble at all. 

He has also landed a spot on the upcoming season of VH1’s  ‘Single Ladies’. Might I add, he has been titled, “The World’s Most Sexist Man.” (That’s what I said…)

Check out some of what Romeo had to say during the interview and in the premiere digital issue of Brave:

How to become his leading lady:

“I love a smart girl and a girl who loves her family! I do everything for my family and it’s nice to have somebody who understands how important that is to me.  I can’t wait to have a little Romeo Bunch one day, haha.  But, physically I love eyes.  The eyes just say so much about someone.  I also love nice curves and a woman who knows what she wants out of life.  Someone with focus, determination, and is God-fearing.  My biggest turn-off is if a woman doesn’t have a real passion for something…and bad breath!”

How the industry has transformed:

“I feel that the next generation is a lot younger and more talented.  With technology you can now be your own record label, director, producer, etc.  If you have talent you can display it on the Internet and the world will tell you their thoughts in the matter of seconds!  Look at how many new artists have emerged from YouTube videos.  Entertainment as a whole has changed, but what doesn’t change after year after year?  To be successful in this industry you have to learn to adapt.  The business was different 10 years ago; people did it for the love and the feeling they get when they perform.  Nowadays it’s more about the fame.”

Check out the behind the scenes of the shoot at:


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