Beyonce and Jay-Z reveal pictures of the already legendary BLUE IVY CARTER

Credit: Rap-Up

This had to be my first post on the new and improved WhoGossips. I know this is a proud moment for Jay-Z and Beyonce to finally reveal their month-old daughter to the world.  Blue Ivy has been a topic since she was born and now her face has been introduced to the world. She was born last month, January 7th, and since then has charted on Billboard featured on a track with her father, “Glory” and according to Rap-Up has her very own tumblr page as well.  Looks like B.I.C. is making moves already. She can’t help it, she has Jay-Z and Beyonce in her blood.

Blue Ivy Carter has made her debut with a series of pictures posted by Jay and Bey themselves online.  She is more beautiful than words can explain (so to all of you that didn’t think so…) I know they are so proud. She stares in her mother’s eyes in one picture with a head full of hair so soon and cuddled in Daddy’s arms in another.  This is so precious.

I’m glad they took the approach of posting the pictures themselves on their websites instead of selling them.  This gave the paparazzi what they didn’t expect.  “We welcome you to share in our joy,” they posted.  They also added, “Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives.” If you haven’t already heard “Glory” the link is posted below. She certainly is a GLORY.

Mommy Bey and B.I.C.
She looks like Beyonce’s mom Tina
Daddy’s Girl
Too precious


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