Happy Valentine’s Day (weekend) to you and yours….

Let’s pretend I’m your marriage/relationship counselor for a minute. I want to speak to the men, but also to the women as well if they need this message.

Monday is Valentine’s Day, which I know a lot of people go all out on that day, but don’t forget about every other day of the year.  Valentine’s Day is a special day for your lover and you and to show the person you care about how much you appreciate and love them.  It’s not about the money or materialistic things, at least not to me.  It’s about time and acknowledgement.  Don’t get me wrong the material things are nice when you can do so, but if not just a simple “Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you, appreciate you, and I just want to spend time with you to show you just how much I mean it”, is good enough to me.  

My message to the world is if you have somebody in your life and somehow along the way the relationship failed regardless of reasons, call that person up on Valentine’s Day and let them know you love them and if you need to apologize do so for whatever it may be!  At the end of the day you know you did your best and if they don’t accept your apology they have to live with that, but at least that burden will be free off your mind thinking about that person day in and day out that you can’t live without.   Don’t let another day pass you not telling that person how you feel, because life is too short and nobody is promised tomorrow.  Even if this is someone you have a crush on and want to tell them so bad, let Valentine’s Day inspire you to do so. 

If it’s broke, fix it!  If it’s wrong, make it right! I don’t care if it’s a simple phone call, not text message because no one can truly feel you thru a message.  Make the effort is all I’m saying.  If that person is worth it to you, and if you messed up, clean it up!  Show that woman or man they are appreciated for all they do or have done, how you love everything about them from their head to toes and you don’t ever want to let them go, how much you miss them, how much they matter to you, and you don’t want to go another day without them.  Let this Monday inspire you and days ahead.  Alicia Keys said it best, “Love me like you’ll never see me again”.  Real talk!


Be Boo’d up this year:

~Buying or sending flowers is always sweet (I don’t always get into flowers myself, but I always would appreciate them)

~Dinner plans, doesn’t have to be anywhere very expensive if funds don’t allow, but somewhere thoughtful and sweet and not cheap either (hahaaa!)

~Have dinner at home, pop popcorn and watch movies like Love Jones, Brown Sugar (reminds me of still the love of my life and myself), The Best Man, or others.  Then top off the night with dessert if you know what I mean…..

~A card is even good; just make sure it says everything you want to say to that special person.

~Ladies you can do lingerie for your man or some four play. Try something different! He’s worth it!

~Men if you have it like that, buy your woman what her heart desires, women you too!   If it’s a diamond ring, then diamond ring it is!  (No it’s not about the material things at all, but if you have it to do it then do it!


There are so many other things that can be done on this special day, but don’t forget most importantly if you are gonna do it on V-day then you can love any other day as well.  Men don’t be afraid to show some emotion.  I think that’s something a lot of mean feel that they can’t do.  You have feelings to and you shouldn’t be ashamed or afraid to face them. 

Ladies I know when we love, we love hard and that’s okay, but let that man be a man. You deserve it and men you deserve it to!

 Happy Valentine’s Day beautiful ppl! Whatever you do, please hold on to this message and be blessed!


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