Bow Wow has a Twitter Crush…

If you haven’t already heard The Tyra Show aired tonight (Sept. 7th) sealed with a kiss from Bow Wow, YES I SAID A KISS! Ummm thats what I said…

Bow kisses Tyra

Bow kisses Tyra

Bow Wow has been all over Twitter expressing his love for Tyra and he finally got the moment he was waiting for!

Check out Bow’s song dedicated to his Tyra:

This Cash Money Millionaire kissed Tyra and he loved it on this sneak peek of the show, plus Tyra’s freestyle:



2 thoughts on “Bow Wow has a Twitter Crush…

  1. tyra i luv u 2 death but i will not tolerat eu kissing all over my man. bow wow is mine and nothing nobody can say will change that, the kiss yall did was s’posed to b mine so watch out tyra imma find u if i catch u kissing ma man again :<

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