I just want to go on record and say…


If you know anything about this site or anything about me you know that I don’t post false statements and call them a fact.  If it’s a rumor I say it’s a rumor and where I got it from.  I say that to say this; the other night when Chris Brown appeared on Larry King Live I hadn’t seen the full show and I posted about it based on what I had heard.  I heard all kind of things, but once I personally saw the show on youtube I gained my own knowledge of the interview and now have my own opinion. 

People Chris Brown

Chris Brown didn’t answer the questions about that night out of respect for he and Rihanna’s privacy and basically to leave that night behind. Leave it as it was, which I agree.  As long as he confessed it to his lawyer, his mom, and Rihanna then that’s all that really matters.  He has apologized countless times to the world. I do think Larry King may have been probing to much, although at the end of the day he is just doing his job.  Questions about after that night or their relationship before that point were fine, but I honestly think Chris answered more than what a lot of people intended him to.  I noticed his lawyer stepped in and answered when he may have realized how uncomfortable it may have been for Chris or Mama Joyce.  The interview was great and informative in my opinion, of course the world wanted to hear from his mouth what happened that night, but out of respect just leave the past the past!

I love you Chris, I love you Rihanna.  I never stopped loving you and keep doing what you do!


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