All Updates on Chris Brown and Rihanna: What was so good, gone bad!


I’m sure by now the world is as shocked and appalled as I am. R&B singer Chris Brown was held under investigation last night for alleged assault charges. E! Reported that Chris Brown nor Rihanna would be making appearances at the awards. They both were scheduled to perform at the event and had to be replaced at the last minute by Justin Timberlake, Boyz II Men, and Al Green did a great job at filling in.


Looks like he was in a good mood just hours before. What made him snap?

Sources said he was being investigated by the LAPD for assault charges on a female. (Yea you’re proabably thinking what I’m thinking, no way not Chris!) According to the police, Chris and the unidentified female were arguring in a vehicle and things escaladed, and what was just verbal got kind of physical. This all took place at 12:30 am Saturday night, not long after leaving Clive Davis’ party. Chris pulled over in a neighborhood just blocks away from the hotel in which they were staying. A neighborhood by the name of Hancock Park; an eyewitness said the female was making all kinds of noise screaming and crying to get her point across. (At the hospital in her room while detectives interviewed her) From my understanding after hearing some rucus, the witness called the police, then coming to the scene Rihanna was questioned and CB was identified as her attacker. Police said the female had visible injuries. When the police arrived Chris had already left the scene on foot. Later the injuries surfaced as bite marks on her arm, several facial markings, and a contusion to the head. In the beginning no one knew who the victim was until later it was said to be Rihanna for sure.


The police set out to speak with Chris and looked to arrest him if and when they find him. At about 6:30 pm Sunday evening Chris turned himself in to a LAPD police station. Chris is being investigated by the LAPD for an alleged domestic violence felony battery that occurred early this morning near Hancock Park. The police refused to identify the female, but Chris was being interviewed by detectives. Chris Brown has been booked into the custody of the Los Angeles Police Department. He was driven to the station by high-powered attorney Mark Geragos, which was Michael Jackson’s attorney in the past. Brown has been charged with one count felony criminal threats. His bail has been set at $50,000. He is still being investigated for a possible battery. Two hours later he paid his bail and was released. Given there were allegedly visible injuries, the crime of making criminal threats is punishable by up to nine years in prison. Domestic abuse is four years.


The allegation is that Rihanna, the confirmed victim, was assaulted with a deadly weapon. However, there was no weapon found in the vehicle, only an umbrella. The police report cites Penal Code Section 245 — Assault with a Deadly Weapon. However, once again TMZ was told there was no weapon involved.


Chris rented the silver Lamborghini from an exotic car boutique in L.A. called Platinum Motorsport and until he can get the car back to the business, Chris is gonna have to pay $2,000 a day.  Currently, the car is behind a chain-link fence in a police impound lot with no official ETA on when it will be released. Wrigley announced today they are suspending its ad campaign for Doublemint gum featuring Chris Brown.








Wrigley quoted in a statement, “We have made the decision to suspend the current advertising featuring Brown and any related marketing communications until the matter is resolved.”

The company will go as far as dropping him completely, but they believe in fair chance. Wrigley says Brown should be, “afforded the same due process as any citizen.”

Chris Brown rental car in impound

Chris Brown rental car in impound

According to TMZ, law enforcements say that Rihanna’s injuries were severe, having two “huge contusions” which swelled up on both sides of her forehead. We’re told she also she suffered “a bloody lip and nose.” One law enforcement said the contusions “look like an MMA fighter or something … [It] looked like she was growing devil’s horns.”


She may have also suffered bite wounds on her legs and arms according to a source, which is crazy right, sounds like she may have been running from a dog! (And I’m not trying to be funny) According to TMZ a source close said they highly doubt that. This is all to unreal….


Chris Brown has been booked on a felony criminal threats charge. If the D.A. files the case, domestic violence charges could be added. March 15th is the court date.

Source: TMZ

It has been said that she’s head over heels obsessed with him, and extremely clingly!

Here are some sources:

Chris Brown, Rihanna

Friday night pumping gas before arrest

Friday night pumping gas before arrest





Chris Brown

At the Verizon & Blackberry Grammy Party:

Something did not look right here at this party

Something did not look right here at this party




At the Clive Davis party (the night of the fight):









Leaving the Clive Davis Party

Leaving the Clive Davis Party






Photo Courtesy: tmz, chrisbrownweb, uchris, rihannadaily, and ultimate-rihanna (Thanks)

People please do not jump to any conclusions and assuming more than has been told! I don’t like rumors and I post stories as I hear them (if its a rumor I will say rumors says…and not post it as if its a fact) and I try to get info from reliable sources. These are my words on what has been said, as I aim for the truth!

Check out videos and info: (videos leaving/arriving at the police station and Chris pumping gas the night before on Friday with Rihanna in the car) many many more

I just keep thinking…..what made him snap??



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