Jennifer Hudson sorry about your losts!

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson

Beautiful, talented, and extraordinary ‘Dreamgirl’ that has recently been all in the ‘Spotlight’ Jennifer Hudson just dropped her debut self-titled album and has just also buried her family this week.

Jennifer buried her family Nov. 3rd

Jennifer buried her family Nov. 3rd

I’m sure everybody knows by now that Jennifer’s mom and brother were murdered on October 24th and found dead in their Chicago home. Days after, Jennifer’s nephew that had been kidnapped was found dead. There has been many allegations behind the murder and if you haven’t already checked out That’s who hooks me up with the latest!

plus others; follow the links

J. Hud and family

J. Hud and family

Jennifer I know the world and I are deeply saddened and I know you’re at the height of your career. I believe you are strong and won’t let this unbelievable tragedy stop you. They wouldn’t want you to give it up; take it in stride! You and yours are in my prayers!


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