Katt Williams has been replaced by T-Pain as 2008 BET Hip Hop Awards Host at the last minute!



Katt Williams

Katt Williams

Yea me to…I’m sure not only I was looking forward to seeing Katt Williams host the 2008 BET Hip Hop Awards. Are you as disappointed as I am? T-Pain don’t get upset…I’m excited to see you to!

Apparently sources say BET pulled a last minute last night 4 AM switch up! That’s crazy! They decided to replace Katt Williams with T-Pain as the host of the event. Sources say that T-Pain did indeed host the show and Katt Williams never hit the stage like he was supposed to.

Sources from http://theybf.com/ say that Katt and the BET execs got into it terribly last night, tempers flared, and Katt got fired! Awwww…what happened?

BET has a different story as to how it went down. Here’s what BET President Stephen Hill had to say:

“Katt bets T-Pain couldn’t beat him in a break dance battle. Not knowing T-Pain was an extremely DOPE break dancer, Katt thought it was an easy win. T-Pain said if I wins, I get to host the Hip Hop Awards.”

And the winner, of course, was T-Pain.” 


What??????? Ok whatever I don’t know and I am so confused but I promise I will get the real scoop soon!


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