A Little Hostility…..Maybe!

Looks like somebody needs to stop tripping! *Disclaimer: This is not the start of a beef b/w Ne-yo, Chris Brown, or Yung Berg* 

Check out the video here:


In a recent interview with Big Boy on the radio, Ne-yo was challenged to answer a few “forbidden questions”.  The first question was “Who would you give a three finger slap to in the business” to which he replied with no hesitation “Yung Berg”.  He was then asked “Who in the business has bad breath or horrible body odor” and after thinking about it for a minute he says “Chris Brown gave me a hug one time and he was a little ripe”. The next question was “at what age did you lose your virginity” in which he revealed he was age nine and the girl was 15″. Wowwww Ne-yo started early didn’t you!

Chris Brown and Ne-yo

Chris Brown and Ne-yo

That about Chris may have been true, but I don’t think it was all that awful because Rihanna doesn’t seem to have a problem. Maybe he was musty for a reason……

NE-YO IS ON A ROLL… In another recent interview he confirmed that Rihanna and Chris are definitely serious. Um first you put the brother on blast about his odor and then you put him on blast about his girl. Maybe they didn’t want folk to know all the truth. Although, we see them together enough to assume something was up…. 

Chris and Rihanna

Chris and Rihanna

He revealed that his best pal Rihanna is head over heels for Chris Brown. They’ve been dodging questions for so long, but chatting with The Sun in an exclusive webchat, R&B crooner Ne-yo that wrote Rihanna’s No. 1 hit “Umbrella”, said that it is soooo true!

He told me: “At first I did question whether it was real but I’m good friends with both of them and I know that they are in a genuine relationship”.

Also stating that: “They pull each other’s hair out sometimes but then they kiss and make up. They are good together”.

After speaking on Chris and Rihanna, he also spoke on working with Michael Jackson on his new album, the Pussycat Dolls, and his dislike for English meat pies…Okkkkk!

To read more check out the entire interview here:


My only question is how come he feels the need to mention Chris in every interview lately?


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