Weezie Skips Out Again and not Show-up!

Lil' Wayne


Yet again Lil’ Wayne has skipped out on a show with no warning or reason. He was set to perform in Nassau, Bahamas this past weekend and didn’t. The host of the concert says that he was indeed on the island, but he was “being a prick about performing”. There has been no word on whether his absense was money related, but you don’t just skip out on your fans. He won’t be satisfied until folk stop showing up and wasting money to not see him perform at all!

http://theybf.com/ sources in the Bahamas say that people even bought $20,000 suites at the venue Wayne was supposed to perform at. They also say that the promotion company hosting the concert, Red Tottle Red City Entertainment, is not giving any refunds to anyone as of yesterday. So you know people are mad and protesting against the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism.

The Red Tottle Red City Entertainment Company is not in good shape after Lil’ Wayne’s sudden no show this past weekend. Here’s their ‘sorry’ press release in full:

September 29th , 2008

Official Press Release Red City Entertainment Ltd.
RE: Poppin Bottles Concert

This press release is to address the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the no show appearance by Lil Wayne at the Poppin Bottles Concert event at Bristol Wine and Spirits on Saturday, 9/27/08.

Red City Entertainment Ltd. had issues late on Friday night concerning the sound and lights production for the event. These circumstances were dealt with, but not to the satisfaction of the company’s owner, therefore the event was cancelled for that evening. Immediately, BuJu and Lil Wayne’s were contacted to arrange for the event to take place on Saturday, 9/27/08 as an alternative. Management confirmed and all artists agreed to perform on the next day, and all media was contacted to let the public know of the changes.

During the day on Saturday, Lil Wayne’s management requested additional monies, separate from the original $210,000 fee, to secure Wayne to perform at the concert. Red City Entertainment agreed and provided the funds needed late Saturday afternoon.

We proceeded with the concert scheduled as planned. That evening, Red City Entertainment was informed Lil Wayne was on the way to the venue and set to perform after 2:00am. At no time was Red City Entertainment notified that Lil Wayne would NOT perform. We continued through the night to inform our hosts DJPencil and Empress that Wayne was coming because that is what we were being told by his management. Unable to locate him, we sent our team members to the Atlantis to discover he was partying at the nightclub there all night.

Red City Entertainment would like to apologise to patrons, vendors, workers, police, media friends, sponsors and the Bahamian staff that worked tirelessly to make this event happen. Our sponsors including Bristol Wine and Spirits, BTC, Bacardi and 100 JAMZ have been extremely supportive during the associated incidences with this event.

In response to the press already released in Nassau today, we are very sorry to friendsand ticket patrons here in Nassau….. even with all the issues, haters and sabotage attempts, we never imagined Lil Wayne would actually party all night at the Atlantis and not follow through with his promise to perform. At this point, the damage is done. We are here trying to professionally handle the situation and address the issues at hand because our name and reputations are important. We are thankful Bahamians are forgiving people, however, we also know they are tired of paying to see celebrity artists that don’t show…….and promoters taking their hard earned money. It has come to our attention that Lil Wayne may have a track record of missed appearances……please review the attachment (included below).

Wayne needs to tighten up as well, but for the meantime and in between time, look forward to the movie “Hurricane Season”, starring Lil’ Wayne, also Isaish Washington, Jackie Long, & Taraji P. Henson in theaters Christmas Day, ’08.


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