Chris Brown isn’t shacking up with Rihanna, but he has “no connection” with Jordin!

Jordin Sparks, Chris Brown, & Rihanna

Jordin Sparks, Chris Brown, & Rihanna

For a while rumors spreaded the mainstream that Rihanna and Chris Brown are a couple. I don’t like to post rumors so I will say I don’t know what the deal is; I believe in hearing it from the source before believing that they are any more than just friends. However, rumors still exist, but later it was said that Chris and RiRi are moving in together and they’re getting a condo. If the two haven’t admitted that they’re a couple, I hardly doubt they say they’re shacking up! Chris makes it well aware that he is too young to be getting serious with anyone. Although, he is looking for a new house and says it will be nothing more than a bachelor pad.

        “I’m 19! I barely want my friends to stay over more than three days.”

They are cute together, what do you think? Will they make it?

Jordin “can’t breathe with no air“! About two weeks ago it came out that Jordin confessed to having a crush on Chris since they shot the video for “No Air”. Jordin sweetie, I’m sorry, looks like you’re in this by yourself.

Chris made it clear and certain to Ok! that as far as anything went or will ever go is for camera.

‘I heard that [she has a crush on me],’ said Chris at the 5th annual Fashion Rocks show in NYC on September 5th.

‘But when we did that video, I didn’t feel that chemistry. I didn’t feel that. When they yell action, you have to put on a certain performance, but as far as off-camera: there’s no connection.’

Chris you my boy, but that was kindly harsh, if that makes any sense! If it was me I would have just said KINDLY “I’M NOT FEELIN YOU”! Jordin I think that’s what he really meant!

How awkward she must feel, my feelings would be hurt………


One thought on “Chris Brown isn’t shacking up with Rihanna, but he has “no connection” with Jordin!

  1. jordin shuldnt feel bad it was just a crush shell get over it! besides id like to see her with someone more of a bad-boy type she would look better with a thuggish type of guy!!!!

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