And The Cutest Couple Award Goes To… (drumroll) BAD BOY’S QUE & DAWN!

Que and Dawn

Que and Dawn

If you don’t already know or haven’t seen it for yourself, Que of Day 26 and Dawn of Danity Kane, have been at it since last season of Making The Band 4. It all went down when the guys and the girls moved in together; they got closer as friends and it never stopped there. Did you see the season finale when Que expressed his love and sealed it with a kiss? Since then they’ve made things official and went public with their relationship. This season on Making The Band: The Tour, Que and Dawn have done nothing but gotten closer and have been insepreble! Que has met the folks, discussed marriage and having kids, and got a taste of what it’s like apart. If you’ve been watching; Did you see what surprise he had for her? A real life romantic novel, that was soooo sweet! I don’t know about you but, I think I hear wedding bells!!!!!!!!

Que and Dawn

Que and Dawn

If you haven’t already, check out Making The Band, Tuesdays at 9pm on MTV!


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