Music Spotlight: Jazmine Sullivan

Jazmine Sullivan

Jazmine Sullivan

I know you’ve all by now heard the single featuring Missy Elliott, “Need You Bad”. It has been the ladies anthem the entire Summer long. Go Jazmine!

Recently compared to Lauryn Hill, the 21 year old soulful diva is not afraid to step outside the box and try unique things. Her lyrics are but so soulful, and a voice on the edge. Born and raised in North Philadelphia, the J records signee has been in the industry for some time performing, writing, and singing background vocals and now it’s her time! She is taking it back and reminding people what music and singing from the soul really is.

Whether or not you’ve heard “In Love With Another Man”, written and co-produced by Jazmine Sullivan and Anthony Bell, she will make you feel every moment listening to this record. This is the very song that got Jazmine her deal with J Records, after the staff gave her a standing ovation due to her live performance. (I believe it may have been acapella!!)

Pick up Ms. Sullivan’s album “Fearless” due to be released,  September 23rd! Make sure you mark your calendars people!!!!


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