Noooo not the hair!!!!!

I’m sorry, but who told Omarion to cut his hair or even suggested that he should!! I am so disappointed.

Just a couple of weeks ago pictures appeared online that indicated that Omarion cut his hair. If you didnt see the pictures or whether or not you believed it was true. I have proof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O uploaded this footage to his YouTube channel saying “Hi Haters”, and talking about the new look and what to expect in the future.

Check out the video:

People this is not a prank, at first I didn’t know what to expect until I saw for myself. Omarion I love you no matter if completely ball your head (naw that might be a little to far) but I’ll find some way to find the love again. (Lol) It does look really good though! O congrats on the new look and new beginnings.

I guess long hair and braids is definitely not in anymore! Trey Songz did it, Bow Wow did it (twice), what’s next Chris Brown’s gonna grow his hair!!!!!! Wow that would be different!!!

In the end, change is good!!!!!


One thought on “Noooo not the hair!!!!!

  1. omarion i did’nt expect you to do this but no matter what i still love nothing is wrong with you cutting your hair you were looking extra cute but i still picture you with braid some mf try to mess you up bro love baby peace….

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