Break up to Make up!!!

Terrance and Rocsi

Terrance and Rocsi

Thank goodness it’s all over; Rocsi and Terrance squashed the beef or whatever it was drama they had going on. Ladies and Gentlemen Terrance has made his apologies public…that’s all it took! At least I know that’s what I was waiting for. Previously, Rocsi’s publicist said that the situation was nothing and blown out of proportion, although Rocsi seemed as though she took it kinda personal. Rocsi is back from vacationing and now Terrance has gone away for the week. He sent flowers and an apology to the show yesterday. Along side Rocsi, Mario cohosted and read the “baby please forgive me letter”. Although the letter was sweet and she accepted her “brother’s” apology, it took her a minute to speak up and something still doesn’t seem right!!! Mmhmmmmm….don’t know!

Check out the video of Mario and Rosci on 106 & Park:

Supposably Terrance was boo’d on stage over the weekend in Indianapolis where he hosted a party at the Conseco Fieldhouse. Maybe that changed his mind about the comment he made saying on the mic he would never apologize to “Roczilla”.  Umm after being boo’d I guess he decided he thought it was time! According to a source, it was all caught on video on youtube, but some how just disappeared after 106 & Park aired yesterday. Could this have been on purpose, some kind of publicity stunt??


2 thoughts on “Break up to Make up!!!

  1. they are such a cute couple nd should not let anything like this little kid nonsense get in their way besides 106&park aint been this good since aj nd free but tj nd rocsi are way better so tj u betta get urs u losin sum special if u clown hur agin

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