Yung Berg

Yung Berg

I guess “Sexy Lady” only applies to “light butts” and I guess he is only giving “The Business” to them to! Whatever that’s supposed to mean. Yung Berg has made it publicly known that he prefers only females no darker than him. So ladies if you’re dark and beautiful and think you might have a chance at Yung Berg, you might want to think twice. Sorry!!! He said it, not me. My question is what is “dark butts” supposed to mean? Whatever they are he doesn’t do “dark butts”. It’s one thing stating your preference, but not to sound so racist and then to say so yourself; this guy can’t be serious! And will somebody please make me understand, a pool test?????

 Listen to the audio right here on WhoGossips:


Hold up, wait honey! Yung Berg also released an apology to “all women” for his ignorance. I guess he thought about how silly he actually sounded…yeah pretty dumb!!

He quoted:

“I want to apologize to every woman across the world,” Yung Berg told AllHipHop.com. remorsefully. “I would never want to offend any women of any race because I love women so much. You can tell by the music that I make that women mean the world to me. My mother is a lovely dark skin lady…I’m totally sorry and hope I didn’t offend any of my fans that have love for YB.”  (thanks to Theybf.com for the quote)

Some things never change!!!!


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